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End-Point Assessment Resources

We have used our knowledge of end-point assessments and the expertise of our subject matter experts to create resources to support our assessors and apprentices.

Resources that you can download that are applicable to all standards include the Employer Confirmation of End-Point Assessment Services Form and the EPA Learner Registration Form.

Scheduling Assessments
For guidance on how to schedule assessments please refer to this Fact Sheet. You can use this Scheduling Request Form to prepare all the details we’ll need and email it straight to us at scheduling@highfieldassessment.com.

EPA Learner Journey
We have created a downloadable document that clearly explains an apprentice's learner journey, from employer confirmation to certificate. Download it here

Using Microsoft Teams for End-Point Assessment
Download our full Using Teams for End-Point Assessment Guide for information on using our video conferencing facility for remote assessments.

Submitting Written Evidence for End-Point Assessment

Some standards require the apprentice to provide a written piece of work that is either reviewed or assessed by the end-point assessor, please view the Highfield support guide for further information.

Policies and Documents

We have provided a full list of our policies and documents to help you know the best course of action for a number of different scenarios. View our Policies and Documents


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